wrap dress for work?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I work in the banking sector and have been wearing suits for as long as I can remember. Would a wrap dress be suitable for less-formal fridays? Can anyone recommend me anywhere (other than DvF) where I can get nice wrap dresses? Thanks a lot in advance! :p
  2. i wear dvf dresses for casual (really business casual) occasions. if you're near bloomie's, the aqua brand that they carry has a lot of dvf-style dresses as well for under $100.
  3. I think they can look very professional and polished as long as you aren't "busting out the girls"! I'm just always sure to wear a tank/camisole underneath and just remember to hold it "shut" if there's a gust of wind.

    Nordstrom's in-house brand, Classiques has some nice wrap dresses--they're also available online at n.com. One of the Nordstrom store departments, Narrative, also has a good selection of matte jersey dresses by a variety of vendors.

    BCBG has nice print styles that can be dressed up or down. Banana Republic occasionally has wrap dresses also.
  4. How about taking a look at LadyPeacock's chameleon dress? Can be worn in several ways:


    Like this for Friday in the day:


    Then if you have a date later that evening...


    $83 incl shipping

    Available in a few colours.
  5. Wrap dresses are appropriate for work, just as long as they are not too short or low cut...
    ^^love that dress! very versatile!
  6. thanks for the suggestions ladies :smile:
    The thing is, I'm in the UK, could anyone perhaps recommend where I can find wrap dresses?
  7. passerby--that dress is so cute! I love the color and the versatility!! I'll have to check it out, what a great price!!
  8. Banking is so conservative -- are you in an investment bank? Eeek -- tough call. If it would make you feel too daring, don't do it!

    I work in a creative field and wear my DVF wrap dresses all the time.
  9. I agree, it's cute :smile: Did you order anything from treehouse28?