Wrangler (???) Jeans - am I missing something???

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  1. I was looking at jeans yesterday in Dillard's and saw Wrangler jeans right next to all the designer jeans for ***gasp*** $140 a pair??? Am I missing something??? I thought Wrangler was something cowboys bought at Kmart. I am so confused. Will someone please enlighten me here???
  2. I believe Wrangler has coupled with a few different designers including Built by Wendy and Marc Jacobs (I think??) to do capsule collections in an attempt to raise their image.
  3. Wow! My jaw literally dropped open when I read this. I had no idea. Wranglers for $150? I'm confused.
  4. I'll put this right up there with Jordache jeans now going for $70+ at Macys.....
  5. I actually have a pair of Wranglers that's really cute, but I only got them for 24.99 at JCPenney long ago.
  6. elle tee is right. wrangler is still making the "value" jeans but are doing some special designer editions. i saw a article in LUCKY some time ago.