Wowzers! I think I'm in love (Dior Gaucho)

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  1. When are these bags coming out? Are they already out? I am pretty sure they will be very hard to get.
  2. It's okay, not my style.
  3. Well, I know they're being released in HK by the end of this month and a lucky few will start getting them early February. The white double saddle bag seen in the beginning of the Dior S/S '06 runway show is $1,949. And I'm getting mine in March! *dance dance* But I think the single saddle/tote/denim are worth less... around $1,600-$1,700. There's already a decent waitlist >_<
  4. I have been waiting for this forever :biggrin: The Dior here only has the brown on order so far though...and that is about my last choice :lol: Who knows, it may grow on me though.
  5. there's a two page ad of the cream in the new instyle (uma on the cover). i'm soooo in love with it!
  6. I LOVE THIS BAG...and i emailed customer service of not sure how I got the information i did it last year..and she just emailed me back about 2 weeks ago telling me the bag will cost retail
    1835.00 =((( i want it sooo much...too expensive for me. sigh* :sad:
  7. I got a call today from Dior too!!! I have the Med size Brown one reserved for me. I am picking it up tomorrow. I hope I like it! Do you think it will sell on e-bay if it happens to not suit me?