wowza! do u think this is a for real auction?

  1. Oh yeah. Notice the seller's got only 12 feedbacks and the "winning bidder" is brand-new to eBay.

    OT, does "betseylover" refer to a fondness for Betsey Johnson? I love her, too!
  2. someone better not be paying that much.
  3. there is also the eBay scam when someone has two ids, makes a bid they would pay with their 1st id , then uses their 2nd id to put in a ridiculously high bid that no one will outbid, retract the 2nd id bid, and get the item for their lower 1st bid price.

    either way? stupid.
  4. YES!!!!
    i looooove betsey johnson, she has got to be my favorite for clothes. she makes some real cute, girly, and funky stuff. she is awesome!!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  5. lol this sellerl is selling a head of LV price!
  6. oh my!!!!!
    doesnt the bidder know that she can get one at her local lv for much much muchmuch less??
  7. Geez. That's pathetic. Too bad she can't be reported, but you can't tell which ids might be hers due to that new system ebay uses..
  8. *sigh* So upsetting.
  9. ummm...I say congrats to the seller :biggrin:
  10. If she were making money the *legal* way then it'd be fine but shilling your own items is not legal. She should be ashamed of herself..
  11. That's a ridiculous auction.
  12. Shill bidding is still illegal. This is a stupid idea from eBay! Always protecting the wrong people!
  13. I know, that was the point I was making. :yes:
  14. Is there a way to report suspected shill bidding to eBay?