1. I wanna say "WoW" :love:
  2. Congrats! Love the watch! WOW!
  3. So, is that yours??? Wow is right! I remember seeing one in the display case upstairs at my LV.....I can't even imagine how much it cost. That's mink, correct?
  4. Those are pics from a site that shows LV stuff. My friend had bought that watch before the year ended. It was for Paris only, 101 made. for the imfamous address
  5. I couldn't stop drooling when Matt showed me this pic!!! :drool:
    this is SOSOSOS nice!!!!
  7. That's an attached mail from my sis in Japan :smile:....I couldn't afford one. I think.
  8. I just called my friend, she belives the price in US dollars was almost $8,300.00
  9. :shrugs: Oh sure is pretty.

  10. $ 8,300 :nuts: ...... Won't love it anymore. Afternoon dream :graucho:
  11. I'll bet fakes are already headed for the wrists of Juicy clad, Ugg-loving mall urchins :roflmfao:
  12. she bought it so she could wear it to the VIP auto show night here in detroit when we went (well thats not the only reason lol, bought it cuz shes RICH lol)
  13. Wow!!


    But I'd be afraid of small bits of the furry parts falling off.
  14. Aww.. sooo cute !
  15. OMG>>>>> i :love: it.. so pretty..