WOWWW!!!!!the Baverly is in store now!!!

  1. Yesterday, I went to buy a wallet, and guess what?! the brand new Baverly is arrived!!! Soooooooo breath taking!!! I cannot find a picture online, and it is not on the Vuitton website yet.

    It comes with 4 sizes, evening purse, shoulder bag and 2 weekend size bag, so beatuiful!!!:yahoo:

    Anyone can find a picture?:rolleyes:

    I already thinking about it as my birthday present:graucho: ....
  2. oooh. i wanna see pics too!
  3. Can't wait for piccies :biggrin:
  4. does it look like this??

    if it does, my mom alread has it...........:yahoo: it is so cute IRL, and I love the suede lining!!
  5. It's adorable!! How much is it, if you don't mind me asking?
  6. wow, it really does look cute!! oh no.. another bag to add on my 'want' list..
  7. yes, that is the one!! I wanna have the one that one size bigger, it is a perfect shoulder bag!!!:yahoo:
  8. i think it was 680 USD............( It might be less, but around 600 something)
  9. Super cute. i wonder if they will do in MC.
  10. First time I have seen this beauty .... thanks for posting :love:
  11. the size bigger is a tote bag? definitely going to dig out s/s summary!
  12. beverly is the new name for the mono Pleaty bags
  13. ITA!!! The Beverly is gorgeous! But my wallet needs a little break for the month (or the week at least)... :shame:
  14. Am I the only one that saw this bag IRL and wasn't impressed?
    Maybe it was because it was next to the Ivory Alma and I was so taken by the Alma that it couldn't possibly compare. :shrugs:
  15. i don't wanna be on a monogram ban anymore :sad: