1. ...Phew. Just had to share an interesting experience I had today in the lunch line at school...

    I was carrying my soho leather hobo (XL, cause I carry a lot of crap:hysteric:), and the girl next to me in line had the same hobo bag, except smaller and in the black/grey signature pattern (er, sorry, my knowledge of all the terminology is sub-par:sweatdrop:). Anyway, we were just standing there for a bit, I saw her bag and kind of smiled and nodded at her (it was a pretty purse!) Then she actually compliments my bag, and tells me how similar it is to hers. Then she asks me what brand it is. I tell her it's Coach.

    And she says..

    "It can't be. My aunt used to work for Coach, they only make bags with the C's on them."


    I had no idea what to say. She wasn't saying it in a rude way, just kind of matter of fact. She even complimented my bag again, saying it was (still) cute! I just kind of stuttered a little just had no idea what to say. :shrugs:
  2. Some people just don't have a clue. A Coach lover should know that their leather bags made them popular long before the signature was released.
    Is yours the new soho hobo that's on the website? Great bag!
  3. Ewwww! Was she trying to say it was fake? Whatever! People are strange:huh:....don't worry about it :smile:
  4. People are weird, I have women come in (30+) saying that "coach should only make signature bags because who in their right mind would may a lot of money for a bag that doesnt have the brand name on it." They go on telling me that they want everyone to know that they can afford coach. It's so akward sometimes and I have to sit there and be like "well, everyone has their own opinion" and they just keep going!

    I mean, I don't really care who likes what because everyone has different taste- but this seems like something 12 year olds would say, not 30+ women!

    *phew* sorry for the rant.
  5. Wow....that's just sad really...
  6. Wow indeed.....
  7. very... interesting... :rolleyes:

    funny that when people are most wrong, they say things with such conviction, and so matter-of-fact.
  8. i think you could nicely say that they made leather bags and what not and try to teach her a thing or for the 30+ year old saying that they only want to carry something that blanataly says Coach, i would say Coach lovers know what the leather looks like...we aren't stupid!
  9. Ha! That's so funny. I have a similar bag to yours and whenever people with the "C" come near me enough to see the dog-tag on the end, they give me and up-and-down once they realize it's a Coach. Hilarious!
  10. wow ... most of my stuff must be fake then, I've gotten rid of almost all my signature stuff!! :roflmfao:

    People are silly.
  11. HEY!!! i'm 30+ (actually 40+) and i don't need Cs all over a bag to show who the designer is! i stopped using coach for a long time and just bought a it!!!! sign me,
    old f**t!
  12. ha ha... how funny. Some people are so ignorant about the brand.
  13. if there is actually a next time (which I doubt because no one else on the planet could be this stupid) just look at your bag really funny say Oh No! All my C's are gone!! You, you took them didn't you! Don't lie I know you did...
  14. Refer her to and let her see for herself. Then tell her about the Purse Forum so she has new friends to share her new found obsession with once she views! :graucho: And then we can educate her about Coach!
  15. LOL redice!