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  1. um thats crazy. that keychain is cute but not that cute lmao. people are insane
  2. I know I saw that too and thought the same thing. Wow that is a lot for a little keychain.
  3. Whoa Baby!!!:amazed:
  4. omg really?
    coulda gotten a bag for that amount! or only $50 more! GEEZ!
  5. Wow.....must be Tiger Woods' old mistresses trying to get it.....he's given them enough hush money to fund it....:roflmfao:
  6. It ended at 154.50 + shipping !!!!!:nuts:
  7. Holy crapola! I paid $45 for my Libra fob but I was willing to spend up to $50 since they don't come across that often. But $154.50 for a keyfob is INSANE!!!:nuts:
  8. Holy crap.... I bought two of those! One for me and one for a friend... If only I had saved them to sell... rofl XD
  9. Really?!? That is crazy!!!
  10. #11 Feb 23, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2010
    :shocked: that seller made over $100 on a FOB. that is craziness. lucky them.

    eta: looks like the buyer is brand new with no feedback...what were they thinking?!?!
  11. Brand new with no feedback...something is fishy...
  12. I bid on that. Like crazy!

    I think fobs are really the only Coach goodies that really appreciate. So not uncommon to spend double or triple the MSRP for a retired fob.
  13. I believe its its the Chinese Year of the Tiger.. hence makes it a more coveted item.. :yes:
  14. I hope they pay... 0 feedback unfortunately sometimes means 0 payment...