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  1. I was always sketchy about this website...
    but a girl on another forum just received her authentic LV Manhattan purchased from eluxury for completing the offer!!!!It came in the box, with the receipt and everything!!!
    Has anyone ever heard of this??? I was shocked! I might just give it a try!! I certainly wouldnt mind a free bag! :amuse:
  2. I am a bit suspicious. It could be that the girl from the other forum was just saying that bec. she works for this company or something. Why would they be giving out thousand dollar handbags for FREE?
  3. I had seen that, and then read more about it. You have to sign up for offers through certain companies that offer services like Columbia House CDs, where they send you a CD each month and charge your credit card. Some of the offers on the free bag service were a makeup club, Blockbuster, etc., that offer you trial services for free as long as you cancel within a certain time period, usually 7-14 days or so. I think that these companies think that you will forget all about the service you signed up for and will start charging your credit card monthly. Also, sometimes it's hard to find a number to call and cancel the offer.

    It's sort of like the Free iPod thing, which does work, but sometimes it can be a pain, at least in my opinion. But that is cool that she got the Manhattan and it was real :biggrin:
  4. Nothing in life is free. And especially not goods that retail for hundreds of dollars. Personally, I hate these pyramid scheme programs.
  5. Don't do it. When you sign up it, you make a pack with the pop up devil and it is very hard to get rid of all of the advertising pop ups that they send your way.
  6. Not just the pop ups - you will get lured into signing up with some special bogus offer that will be hard to get out of and though seeming like being "free" for a trial period of time, you will get slammed by a hefty charge soon after.
  7. Yeah, nothing is that good to be true.

    You are better off just buying the bag yourself.
  8. I just clicked on the link and got 4 popups! I didn't sign up or anything so I can imagine how many popups you'd get if you actually did. Even if I received a bag from them I'd get it authenticated. Just sounds a little fishy to me.
  9. I signed up for one of those sites for a free iPod........after 5 referrals I got my free 30gb black iPod. All I had to do was sign up for 2 DVD purchases from BMG. Can't beat $40 for an iPod.

  10. May i ask what forum you read this from???:biggrin:
  11. I'm guessing either LVLU or a couple comunities on Livejournal. I'm a member of both and saw it all over there/
  12. Oh ok thanks,, I am guessing you are a big LV fan then mello:biggrin:
  13. How'd you guess? :P
  14. ^ That takes you to the main page of the community, here's the specific link for that community

    Then she also posted here

    and here

    and then in LVLU if anyone is in that forum. I only included the links because I thought some of the comments were very helpful for anyone who might be interested in pursuing this. Have fun and good luck!