1. My fingers are still feeling the leather and it has been almost 2 hours since I touched "Blake".

    I have totally flipped for Blake in Peanut.

    I am looking for a bag for my birthday which isn't for a few months, but I want to look at all my options. Right now this is #1 by a long shot.

    I can not find it on Marc Jacobs's website, so I can not drool over it :sad:.

    I hope come January I can still find the bag.

    Just had to share!

  2. Ha! Too funny! Glad you found a bag you like!
  3. Two words for you. Camera phone. Keep a watch on the sale sightings thread on this forum and maybe someone will spot your Blake on sale!
  4. Or you can wait for the Friends and Family sales, and get a discount.... blakes usually sell out quickly!
  5. I KWYM..I LOVE blake too! I have a red one & a black one....Everytime I use them my heart just flutters..I know..I need help..
  6. Funny! congrats on the Blake i love it!