1. I love LDP! I have two plisses in this design, blue and pink.

    oops, the above does not make any sense, the decsrition on eBay said LPD, but it's clearly not that. Beautiful all the same!
  2. i think i should have put this on eBay finds. sorry!
  3. That's an insane price for such a recent scarf. Also clearly the seller has lifted a 'Lumieres de Paris' listing.
    I just cannot understand people who buy a used scarf for more than retail when it is still available at the stores.
  4. Yeah, this is a new design from last season. It is a beautiful, beautiful scarf.
    Go buy one in the store and get a real thrill.
  5. uh wanna see something more insane? check out the bin

    darn it one sec
  6. i KNOW. omg.
  7. ^Jeez... that IS insane.

  8. Total insanity ! I even emailed them this morning asking if the BIN was a typo - no response...
  9. lol. yay hermeslady. i should ask too... there was an lv wallet seller last week selling a wallet for 1300. omg, i chickened out about emailing them the same question...

  10. Just received a reply from seller -

    No - it's a collectors scarf. Let us know if you an offer in mind...


    My reply,

    Hi, it is available at now for $325.

  11. LOL!!! good for you!! what a you know what.
  12. hee hee. i just emailed

    hi there. i love this scarf but i'm wondering if the buy it now price is a typo? i know i just saw this in the madison avenue hermes store for 325. please let me know. thanks!

    which is true. they showed it to me like a week ago maybe.