Wow, you won't believe it!

  1. I just had to give you guys another update on Dolcé. I'm amazed:


    The bad raw scabbed part of her burn is gone! It's just skin now, and there is hair regrowth! For any of you who don't know her story, Dolcé is the kitten I adopted from the shelter who was very badly burned. Everyone here has been asking me about her and has been so wonderful with their support, kind words and prayers-- and see? It's working!



    Here she is with my other new shelter kitty, Gabby:


    Here is a pic of her BEFORE, the day I got her, for comparison!


    And here's another pic of lovely miss Gabby too :smile:

  2. She's looking great! What an improvement she's had with all your loving and caring. :smile:
  3. She looks so good and she also has a great loving & caring mom! :yes:
  4. yay! this is great!
  5. wow... she looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so cute!!
  6. They were a little iffy at first, but now they are the best of friends, bathing each other and spending all their time together :love:
  7. this is soo good to hear!! shes healing soo nicely!!
  8. So glad to see that she is healing well.
  9. These pictures make me all teary-eyed! You (and your other kitty too) are so wonderful to have adopted her.
  10. oh, I'm so glad!! They're both adorable!
  11. Wow, that is amazing! And that's awesome that you adopted another kitty.
  12. Wow!! What an improvement! It just goes to show how long love can go! Your new kitties are so cute together!
  13. I've always thought cats were smiling when they half close their eyes - they both appear to be very happy here! Congrats on your lovely babies - [​IMG]
  14. She looks great! You are such a good mom.
  15. aww im so happy for you and ur babies!!