WOW: Work Office TRUFFLE '06

  1. nice colour!
  2. The leather looks really nice, tempting but if I go for that one I'll get the boots here.
  3. Must..stop..clicking..on..these...threads...:Push:
  4. I was thinking of purchasing this as my first it authentic? The color is beautiful.
  5. go J! it is def authentic!!!!
  6. oh no I've got my eye on this one too - hate going up against other pfers!

    It is a gorgeous bag though.
  7. The retail price on a Work is $1385, so it's definitely not worth running up the price very much on this bag.
  8. that's a pfer's bag. i wonder why she is selling. it is really gorgeous
  9. I think she recycles her bags quite a lot - she always has lots up for sale.
  10. She's a *wonderful* seller... very knowledgeable and takes good care of her bags! I'd buy from her in a heartbeat.
  11. Does anyone know how the custom duties work? How much will the tax be?
  12. I really want this bag now.. looks like someone has also started bidding on it!
  13. Wah!!!

    I just saw this colour on a First when I went to my Bbag boutique yesterday. It's SOOOOO pretty! :girlsigh: :girlsigh:

    Le Sigh. You girls have it SO much better. Even at US$1385, that's still cheaper than a Work here - S$2500, which works out to be about US$1600.