Wow! Where Can I Get IT?

  1. [​IMG]

    Ok, so I have fallen in love with the Chanel "cassette" small wristlet...I have to have one! Does anyone know where I can find it and maybe the correct name for it? That may help in my search. ;)

    TIA!! :smile:
  2. This bag is a few seasons old, perhaps a consigment store or eBay.
  3. I think eBay would be you best bet
  4. i love this too, and the 7 inch single version was super gorgeous.

    Have not seen one for sale, although recently the record one was :smile:

    Good luck, its stunning.
  5. Thanks for the advice...I searched eBay for "Chanel Cassette" but I'm not sure if that was the original name?
    I know it is from a few seasons back. At the time I wasn't too into it but it's funny how your taste changes.
    I am really wanting it now! I hope I can find it... :heart:
  6. *drool* :drool: I adore this whole ligne. It was from 2004, and I guess ebay would be your best bet. I haven't see one there in the couple years I've been looking though. Good luck! I have quite a bit of jewelry from this Music Collection and love it to bits!
  7. Yes, I have searched Ebay, unfortunately I have had no luck. I hoped someone may know of a boutique that has one right now but I know that is a long shot. I will not give up though! :p
  8. It was really cute