Wow...what an awesome surprise!

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  1. :woohoo:FABULOUS video...

  2. Great video, too cute! Good job Maria! :smile:
  3. Sorry, Raquel, but i edited my privacy settings in photobucket. As i said, i didnt upload the video since i was trying to prevent everyone from browsing all my pictures! ;)
  4. cant see video?
  5. Awwww, I got to see it before it was password protected ( but I promise I did not look at your private pics, Maria! )
    Thanks so much for taking this video really made me smile from ear to ear watching Raquel! :biggrin:
    I was unfortunately unable to get sound, but I sure got the jist of the conversation! ;)
  6. Maria, if you would like to email me the video I can host it on my photobucket? From memory, my album is open to everyone to view so I am not worried if people look around in the photos :smile:

    PlusI really wat to see the video :P I am so glad you were able to record one and get it on the computer!:yahoo:
  7. Thanks Mica!! I'd love to see the video too!!
  8. cant see the video - password protected.
  9. I am trying to forward the video to Raquel but it is too heavy :sad:
  10. CWRAP, I am too late to view, :crybaby::sad:
  11. i couldnt translate since everything she produced was bad words... her hubby tried to restrain her, but all his efforts were to no avail. I just kept giggling! That's our Raquel!

  12. Haha, I love it anyway! :smile: Thank you again for taking it Maria. Was so nice to see, almost like we were there too! :smile:
  13. new reveal is coming.......
  14. ooooo what might it be i wonder :smile:
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