Wow...what an awesome surprise!

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  1. Yesterday I met mariabdc. We both and DH went to have a glass of wine....Suddenly she gave me a packet.....OMG! I opened it :nuts:! It was a birthday present :nuts:! I couldn´t believe it :nuts:! I started to say silly things in Spanish impossible to translate.....and nearly to cry....
    An incredible birthday gift from you, girls :yahoo:!!!!!
    I can only say: MANY,MANY THANKS :blush::hugs:!
    muggles, brigitte, angelsandsome,dragonette, daisyrockyrosie,chodessa, pilates,puka,FrankieP,Ellie, mariabdc,qwerty,
    parson, Chloe75,mona, rowe,saz123,BMB,sianii, susieserb,vivi, kbnkch
    .....and Lescoy....and the one and only BOY involved: Andy.


    ....Lescoy, please, allow me some Spanish...: you are "unas tías cojonudas, de puta madre"

    ...and now....the reveal!
  2. First, two lovely pearl bracelets from Rowe :nuts::yahoo:!!!!
    Thanks hun, they are so cute..........OMG! maria told me that you have made them!

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  3. Second reveal.............
    .......what do you think...???? Any guess..????

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  4. Haha yay Raquel, we have been waiting patiently for this!! Glad you have finally got them! :smile:
  5. STUNNING, AWESOME....BLACK PADDY WALLET FROM ALL OF YOU :nuts::woohoo::faint::okay:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG! I had never thought about having and using a chloé wallet! I have no words at all!

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  6. ...and finally a card: me and some of you, girls :P:nuts:! Love it!
    Andy has made it! What a DH, Mica!

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  7. maria took some pics of the "moment". Maybe the next reveal, LOL!
  8. ^^We wanted her to get video but she wasn't sure she could - pictures will do nicely!
  9. awwww yay! :heart: i'm glad you love it raquel!
  10. Well, lookie here, someone has received some FABULOUS pressies!:yahoo:

    Happy Birthday again, Raquel. You indeed are blessed w/ some precious (and sneaky) :graucho: amigas, eh??!;)
  11. Sure, Ellie! The best "amigas" in the world :biggrin:! your new avatar..........really funny!
  12. Wow, Raquel, what a wonderful surprise from a special group of friends!!! Hope you had the most fantastic birthday!! :heart:
  13. you got it and you love it! fantastic!!!:heart::heart:happy,happy bday raquelilla!!
  14. I am glad you loved it, Raquel... I was too impatient to meet up...

    Your DH was stunned... i loved his face as he slowly took it in...
  15. Enjoy the wallet sweetie... you deserve that and so much more!!

    :heart: :heart: :heart: