WOW, what AMAZING service!!!


Oct 26, 2008
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Hope it's ok to start this thread, but I had to post what great service I got today at Coach, I am so impressed!!!

I normally shop at Louis Vuitton, but was looking for a leopard print wristlet/clutch and came across one on the Coach website. When I looked back at the website a week later the clutch was gone so I figured it was now discontinued, oh well out of luck.

I was in a mall today that had a Coach store so I figured I would see if they had one in stock. I haven't been in a Coach store in years, first off I was greeted by more than one SA & they were nice & friendly (ok, off to a good start) had a look around the store & didn't see my clutch.

I was ready to leave when I was approached by another SA asking if I was looking for something & I told her what I had saw but it was now off the website. I figured I had no chance in getting it or her even understanding what I wanted (since this had been my LV experience). Boy, was I wrong. She told me she would figure out what I had saw and have it ordered in. She spent a 1/2 hr going through catalogues & searching her computer for the product number to order it for me. Finally, she thought she had it and said she would have it ordered it or delivered to my house.

I was concerned if it wasn't the right item I could return it no problem (have you ever tried returning something to LV?, can be a nightmare) but she assured me it would be no problem as they wanted me to be happy with my purchase! Wow, what a concept! give the customer great service & try to make them happy!!

All the SA's were so nice & sweet, coming to talk to me while they were without customers. At one point I was getting hot since I was wearing a fur hat (darn cold Canadian winters) and the store was quite warm, they offered me bottled water - nice touch.

Long story short, I order the clutch (fingers crossed it's the right one) bought a beautiful scarf I saw while I was waiting & had one of the best retail experiences ever!!!
Although I have never had a "horrible" experience at LV (although I have at Chanel & Hermes), it certainly didn't come close to my experience today at Coach...the more expensive brands could learn a thing or two about customer service at Coach.

Sorry for the long rant, I just wanted to say how lucky you all are to "love" a brand that seems to want to make the shopping experience great for it's customers. I will definitely be back shopping at Coach!!!


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Dec 18, 2009
Glad to hear about your great experience, show us some pics of you new Coach items!


Mar 6, 2010
I had an awesome experience at the FP store today as well.. I will say I never had a bad experience though at LV or any of the other higher priced boutiques I shop at.. but ya, Coach SAs do a great job! Glad you had a great experience too!


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Dec 11, 2012
I love hearing the good customer service stories! The SA's at my store are the same way. They all seem to be sweethearts and have given me many reasons to believe that they really care about me loving what I bought. They are the reason why I'm willing to spend the extra money to shop in their store instead of dept stores which usually have better sales. I know when I go to my store that they are more knowledgable and will go above and beyond to find what I need. If I have any problem with a product, I know they will try to fix it. There's not any hassel and they treat me well. I love my store. Glad you had a good experience!


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Feb 17, 2007
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Hey stranger! long time no "see", hope all is well!

I hope this thread didn't come off as anti LV, I still love LV and always will...just wanted to give props to Coach for such great customer service!!!
Didn't seem that way to me at all; you just give credit where credit is due :smile:.


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Oct 5, 2011
I shop both as well but Coach beats LV hands down. Esp if you have an issue with an item, Coach is amazing! LV......difficult to deal with.

Thanks for sharing your positive experience.


Oct 26, 2008
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I'm bumping my own thread to update.

I don't have the clutch yet (still hasn't been delivered) but I came home today to a lovely hand written thank you card from the SA in the mail with & a $50 "thank you" gift card - how nice is that!!!