WOW!!! What a price drop!!

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  1. I was just looking on the SAKS website and noticed this bag in the sales section.
    It went from $1,195.00 to $477.90

  2. I read the title of this thread and was all excited.. but that bag is just not exciting. Boo..
  3. That is a nice discount . . .that bag is not for me though.
  4. like luella bags but not this one in particular.....:sad:
  5. I know what you mean guys. That bag is not appealing at all. If only that had such a big price drop for the spy bags....... I would get them in all the colors I wanted....Its nice to dream...
  6. Makes me realize what the mark-up is on most of these bags we buy!!
  7. That is sooooo true SuzyZ. I have been feeling very guilty about this bag obession and the cost of it lately. I told myself that Once I pick up my gucci this afternoon I will be done for a LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG time.
  8. !!! :sad:
  9. I can see why there is such a price drop. They are probably going to have to give that thing away. :sick:
  10. It proves to show that what is one person's trash is another's treasure. Someone bought that bag! It's no longer there!
  11. That is a significant price drop......the bag is not cute:wacko:
  12. 'Fess up! Who did it?! :lol:
  13. i agree. They'll probably pay someone to just take it.
  14. lol we'll probably be seeing it on ebay in a week ;):lol: