wow!!! what a nervy person made me so heated!!!!

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over the moon
Aug 8, 2007
she had like 177 feedback 99.2% positive! so it not like she was a newbie....i cant believe some people would DARE to ask me to send the bag without being paid LOL i must be NUTS to do that. :nuts:
if that is the case (lots of good feedback, been on ebay for a while), i'd bet ANYTHING that someone from overseas hacked into her account. they are using that person's good feedback & history to try to convince a seller to send them a bag w/o them paying for it first. :tdown:

getting your account hacked happens a lot. you get those bogus emails from ebay saying you need to supply your password again or you need to log in. so you follow a link to a page that looks like the ebay site, and you put in your username and password, and boom, they have your account and can do anything with it. the best way to prevent this from happening to you is whenever you are suspicious that a site is really ebay, enter in a bogus password. if it doesn't complain, it was a fake site that was trying to hack into your account!

this is why you can't really trust feedback anymore on ebay. even if someone has 100% feedbacks and has been on ebay for 5 years, how do you know it's really that person, that someone didn't hack into their account and list a bunch of items for sale, just for the purpose of scamming someone?


Oct 4, 2006

I'd be like "hi please send me your money and give me your money ok??? i say to u when i have the $600 usd thank u ok? but please send the money to me and when i have it i send u a thanks please don't write back ok thanks!"

:roflmfao: you crack me up!!! :heart:


Mar 25, 2008
Im selling a very expensive bag, and I get a messege from a person saying...

"hello please send me this bag and sell me this bag ok??? i send you when i have the bag us600 ok???but please send me the bag to me and when i have it then i send you the money!!!!please write back:smile: Thanks"

HOW F'N NERVRY!!!!!!!!!! :wtf: like really WHO does this? i told them they were out of the mind..

I nearly fell of my chair when I read this. How freaken weird !:confused1: