WOW, what a loot!

  1. Wowzers!!!
  2. That's some auction!
  3. wow...what an auction!!!:wtf:
  4. Yum Legacy!
  5. Ow oww!! That is quite the haul!
  6. Wow, what an auction! Look at all that stripe! :drool:
  7. Yeah I saw that yesterday. Wonder if it will sell. :shrugs:
  8. Yea, I would think there are tons of people who have some of the items and don't want duplicates.
  9. I hope this seller isn't a tPF-er in big BIG trouble w/ an S.O.! :lol:

    That's QUITE a haul!
  10. I've been drooling over this for days even though Whiskey isn't my favorite Ali color. And drool is all I'll do at 775 even though for everything that's not too bad...
  11. She's also got a Black Ali, wristlet, and scarf which again I've been drooling over but no way can shell out as much as she wants (which again is not too bad of a deal for all 3 pieces).
  12. awesome haul!
  13. SO gorgeous. :love:
  14. yum!