Wow what a haul!! Tons o' free samples w/my makeup order...

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  1. Hey gals -

    OK I ordered quite a bit of makeup from nordstrom...I admit I was inspired by the kim kardashian thread so don't laugh at that too hard...we are nowhere near the same coloring but I do want to change my makeup and try new stuff...such a junkie I am!

    I ordered a lot of MAC, Nars, Smashbox, Chanel...oh plus some Havaianas with a little swarovski bling on the top, as if I need another pair of flip flops, hee hee!

    Anyway, I was gushing over my order which arrived today and to my surprise there was a bag of samples which just BLEW ME AWAY...I had no idea!

    Check this out!
    - Lancome renergie double performance anti-wrinkle/firming treatment
    - Lancome renergie night treatment
    - Philosophy Hope in a Jar (eye and lip cream)
    - Kinerase moisturizer with spf 30
    - Smashbox photo light foundation primer
    - L'Occitane hand cream
    - Clarins super lift serum
    - Bliss the Youth as we know it eye cream
    - Origins Modern Friction cleanser
    - Go Smile toothpaste (1 a.m. and 1 p.m.)
    - Erno Laszlo Transphuse moisturizer
    - Missoni Acqua perfume
    - Narciso Rodriguez cologne (for verah nice!)
    - Juicy Couture royal body creme (didn't even know they made this!)
    - Donna Karan cashmere mist body lotion
    - Bare Escentuals rareminerals facial cleanser

    can you believe this? sooo cute teeny tiny samples...this wasn't even what I ordered!! I think I'm going to have enough night and eye cremes to last me awhile...ha! :P
  2. Hey Pursegrrl - another seattleite! Isn't that bag fun?? I got mine earlier this week after a little online splurge myself... Nordies does that beauty bag with those mini samples once a year if I remember correctly!
  3. yea, they're doing that gift right now with $100+ beauty purchase.
  4. ^^ I am beyond shocked!! Way to go, fg, hope you are enjoying yours too!!

    Welcome, welcome, fashingrl! I'm in Kirkland, BTW...
  5. I got mine in the other day and it was ALOT of stuff! I just adore those small sizes for travel, they all got dumped in my travel toiletry bag.....I was tempted to place another order!!
  6. :drool:, here I come!
  7. Oh I see it now on their website...$100 or more beauty/fragrance purchase and you get the sample plus a tote bag! OK, not a fan of the tote bag but wow the samples rock!
  8. Wow, this sounds like fun. I see that you are a sample lover too!
  9. yaayy I got mine too and it was so fun to check out all the samples! It was really great to get that considering I would have spent the $100 regardless.
  10. I'm going to be placing another $100+ order soon, but I think it's just one per customer...I wish I could get more samples though! :Push:
  11. Wow!! I think I need to go place an order!!
  12. I am pretty sure you can do it again, just use a new email addy ;)
  13. crap. . . guess I'm placing an order! I'm a sucker for those baby sizes!:lol:
  14. The offer is only available for online orders!!!

    Congrats PG! I love Nordstrom!!! And all the makeup you ordered...:biggrin: I have the Juicy Couture body cream, you will love it!!!
  15. ^ITA!

    And what is so odd is that I find so many new things with these little sizes. Yet, sometimes it is so hard to get samples from the counter girls unless you make a purchase. Well, duh, I'll make a BIG purchase if I like your product so let me try it first.

    Like with mascara. I would love a small tube just to try b/c mascara can be so different on different people.