Wow..what a fantastic FAKE suhali on ebay, beware!

  1. i don know the difference but thank god u spotted it
  2. Heat stamp and date code is way off :yes:
  3. Grrrrr ..... I hate fakes! :yucky:

    Thank goodness you didn't get it.
  4. this seller also had a embossed stephen for 500$
  5. that is not fantastic darling
    it looks fake there is no good proportions, the size of the s lock
    many things are way off
  6. You guys know alot more about this line than I do and it still looked FAKE to me!
  7. I don't know much about Suhali but just looking at that leather I could tell it's a fake- the real Suhali leather is so much more luxurious and beautiful, that looks dull and cheap. So glad you didn't get it!! I hope no one else falls for it either.
  8. omg...this looks so much fake................I was gonna post this auction before...but I'm pretty sure you guys know LV much better than me :biggrin:
    I think eBay have to ban those lv fake sellers...
  9. Wow, that bag still looks pretty close to the real deal. I know I might've eventually picked up on the fact that it's fake, but it looks AWFULLY close to the real thing.

    Things that made me go :throwup: & :sad: :

    1) Heatstamp (dead giveaway)
    2) Lining of LV's on the inside
    3) Shape is close, but not perfectly structured
    4) S-Serrure has a weird LV stamped on it
    5) Handles are slightly too long
    6) Goat leather grain looks somewhat plastified (i.e. plastic-y)

    I'm sure there's other things, but GOOD CATCH!!! :nuts:
  10. [​IMG]

    CE - i don't believe that this code even exists for a made in France code - yikes, and some sucker bought it BUY IT NOW for $500.00!!! wow, that's discusting!!!
  11. OMG! Someone has clicked Buy It Now button! Poor buyer...

    The shaped looks too small for doctor bag PM and agree with LoVeMyLV the leather looks like made from plastic :yucky:

    More than it, I never encountered ppl in the world who will to sell their over $3000 bag for almost 90% off :lol: Like you said before,"Too goog to be true."
  12. The leather strip that date code place on too long, looks similiar with date code leather strip on fake Antigua Sac Weekend :push:
  13. I spotted that this bag was fake too but I can totally understand why someone would think this is real. Its still very close, the fakers are getting closer.
  14. mentioned here on this thread....

    and this one from a Mypaupette seller -

    it's easy to sell the difference in quality.