Wow - What a fab day!!!


May 1, 2006
Hi Guys :yahoo:

Well, today I had some amazing deliveries.

First up came the red paddy - what an amazing colour, its completely devine and smells gorgeous, I think its a definite keeper :nuts: its growing on me more by the minute.

Then a Miu Miu coffer midnight blue evening bag turned up with the postman (thanks Sam), it truly is a stunner, a deep deep midnight blue with gorgeous blue leather roped handles.

Then my Balenciaga motorcycle first bag in Truffle Brown came from Browns (ALL IN ONE DAY!!!)
Im not loving this one, even though it was an amazing price, so it is going back

BUT, then my lovely secret_shopaholic found me a small betty in Harvey Nics, and I have been wanting one for so long, so I am going to have this and return the B bag.

phew, exhausted just talking about them :roflmfao:

will post lots of piccies later today - need to get my breath back first :graucho:
Congrats Chloe-babe! Your collection is fantastic, as is your taste!:heart:

I can't believe you're returning the truffle b-bag! I just got my first b-bag this week, and already I want more. I looooove how lightweight they are!
wow all those bags!!! How much did you pick up the Betty for? I used mine today, really loving it. (here is a pic, what size/style is it do you know?)


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MissBradshaw, mine is the original betty with the two small pockets and the coin purse attached, size small, so not too big. Your grey one is a more zippy style Betty that I have not been before - but who cares! you got a fabulous deal ;)
Chloe Babe - those are the days we live for !!!!! Woo Hoo - Christmas take 2. Can't wait to see all your pics and that Blue Betty OMG I just can't stop thinking about it - by far the best Betty I have ever seen and can you believe still on the main Chloe Website as current season - you lucky lucky girl and I so agree with the comments above that you have impeccable taste. You go girl
piccies of betty :smile:




Well Done Chloe-Babe!! It is like Xmas all over again!! I had a great day as well as my Chloe paddy arrived today. I also received a Celine Leopard Stirrup bag for Xmas and also ordered an Edith (the one on sale on net-a-porter) which will arrive hopefully next Tuesday! I have never had so many bags. Before now, I only have a LV mini bucket and a Loewe bag ( I dont know what but it is the classical one that they always have). I am thinking about returning the Celine bag as I feel bad about spending that much on bags. What do you think??? Are there still good bags left in Harvey Nics?? :confused1: