wow....what a birthday so far....

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  1. so this might be a long post...

    anyways my 16th birthday was coming up, so a week ago my mom asked what i wanted and i told her. i didnt want a just said i wanted and itouch and uggs. so i thought that these two things were resonable to ask for. nothing big. i relized that the itouch doesnt come out for another few weeks i said you can just preorder it.

    so here comes my birthday today and my parents left my present on the table. so i go and see and its just an envelope, so i know for sure its just money. and i hate getting money because theres just no thought that goes into it and my mom knows that! ive told her so many times. so open it and its 300$.....its not enough for an itouch, its about 330 plus tax. and uggs are 250 plus 14% tax in canada. i was clearly disappointed because i mean this is my 16th birthday! i expected more thought and consideration to be put into my present. so im just asking my mom what im supposed to do with this money..its not exactly what i wanted.. and guess what happens next.

    my dad picks me up, puts his hands around my neck and basically starts dragging me to the door choking me, i was coughing like crazy. and my mom was just standing there. i mean i was completely shocked. my so called dad almost killed me on my birthday. and my parents usually hit me sometimes and leave small marks...but on my birthday?? i am so mad, angry and all these other emotions are coming out. what should i do?

    and i relize that some people might think wow 300 is alot for a 16 year old but normally for me i get around the same or even more for my other birthdays. i kinda expected more for my 16th.....and for someone not to try to kill me..
  2. Your parents are abusive?
  3. ^ no just went they get mad somehow they sometimes hit me
  4. That is child abuse. They could go to jail for that. I'd go talk to a school counselor asap. NO ONE deserves to be treated like that, ever.
  5. I am very sorry to hear what has happened and by the way Happy Birthday. There is no excuse for the way your dad has behaved towards you he should not have done that - why did your mum not step in to stop him?

    I have no idea what having a 16th Birthday means in Canada as here in the UK it is your 18th and 21st that are usually the big birthdays with large parties and large gifts. I can only think that he thought you are ungrateful but that does not give him or anyone the right to do what he has done. When things have calmed down try to talk to them and explain that you were a bit disappointed because you would have liked a gift this year instead. Take care.:tdown:
  6. ummm. to stay on "topic" i wouldn't be upset. i usually get around $300-350 for birthday or christmas and i am your age. umm maybe you can ask them to pay the extra $40 for the ipod.

    but um the choking thing, yeah not quite right. you might have to talk to someone about that
  7. Um, maybe you should talk to someone in your school -- like a school counselor. You should not be hit, no matter how mad they get.

    About the presents, I would be pissed for sure. Especially for my 16th bday. I'm sorry your bday was that crappy.
  8. You should really tell someone about that.. They shouldn't have done htat just because you asked about your own birthday money.. you were just wondering..
  9. You should not be physically (or emotionally) harmed by your parents. What he did would be illegal here.
    About the money - it's a gift, admittedly not the most thoughtful one, but $300 is a lot of money. Perhaps they wanted you to be thankful for that and not "expect" more $$$? If my kid did that I wouldn't be thrilled. "Thank you" would have been nice, KWIM? Even if you're disappointed, which I can understand. You can get the Uggs and perhaps the other for Christmas?

    And talk to someone about your abusive father. Good luck and CONGRATS on your 16th birthday! :tup:
  10. Omg... I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you esp on your birthday,
    You really need to talk to someone , it's not right at all, Good luck,

    But try and enjoy the rest of your 16th birthday,
    Happy birthday!
  11. Awh, I feel so terribly bad for you!
    My parents, especially my mothers 'boyfriend', have weird acts like this too, but they never ever try to hurt me physically. If they will, I know I will do something about it.
    Do you have a nice aunt you can talk with, or someone at your school you can trust? You should really go talk to someone.

    And happy birthday! Don't let them ruin this magical day for you! :flowers:
  12. While I don't think there is anything wrong with $300, you should be very grateful to be honest... the other situation you mentioned is definitely not normal.
  13. first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    i completely understand about being disappointed for getting cash. it's not the amount- it's the point. i only ever get money from my mom for birthdays or holidays. while it's very generous of her it's the fact that she didn't put any thought in to it at all. last christmas i hinted for months about things i wanted because i didn't want a check like always. i think i even gave her a list. and she and her husband went away for the holidays. she told me that my gift was at her apt (i was taking care of her cats while she was gone). so i go and what's sitting on her desk? a check. that's it. no big gift giving, no nothing. just a check. i spend months thinking about what she has and what she would like and shopping and wrapping. and i got a check left on her desk. so i completely know where you're coming from. a 20 dollar gift would be better than 300 cash if it was something you wanted and they had taken their time to go get it for you. i'm way older than you and this has happened my whole life. all i can say is- just realize it's not about you. it's who they are. maybe they're just not big gift people. some people place more importance on it than others. it's not a reflection on you at all. just buy yourself the thing you really want and try not to dwell on it.

    i'm sorry about the other stuff. no one deserves that on their birthday. i hope things get better for you and that you end up having a wonderful birthday despite the not great start.
  14. I usually don't get anything EVER for my b-day, so $300 seems like a lot to me... BUT, I can see how disappointing it would be if you expected something thoughtful etc etc... But honestly I think your dad was out of line to physically hurt you like that, I hope you had a nice B-day anyway~!
  15. :wtf:I seriously thought at first that your dad was doing it in a playful way, until I read it again and realized it was anything but a playful way. NO ONE deserves to be treated like that, absolutely awful. You don't have to take that, please talk to someone that you trust, preferably a school counseler, to get this straigntened out before they were to really hurt you. I am so sorry.
    I know what you mean by being a bit dissapointed, but at least you got a decent amount and you can get something you wanted? Don't let it bring you down. Happy belated Birthday!!
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