Wow, we made the papers!!!

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  1. Did you all know that we (the Purse Forum) were in an article in the New York Times fashion magazine last week? :yes: They were talking about our obsession with handbags...mostly it's about Hermes, but I think it applies to everyone on here. :heart: I thought it was great that we are finding a way to relax and come on here and share our love of quality goods and taking pride in ourselves as well! :tup: What do you think?
  2. Yeah I read that, very exciting!
  3. My sister and I read the article in a hospital waiting room while our other sister was having surgery. We knew about the article from this forum; I think Megs posted it in the Purse Blog (I could be wrong with this location).
  4. That's great - is there a scanned copy anywhere that someone can post up for us non US ladies to see?:biggrin:
  5. oh great news, i havent seen it.
  6. Yes there is! Megs had posted it on the Purse Blog a couple of weeks ago. The picture shows some cartoon drawings of Hermes bags in different colors. The world is getting so much smaller.
  7. ^^great ill go hunting for thr post!
  8. Wow that is too cool.
  9. I'd love to read this too!
  10. please do a search, there were a few threads about this:yes:
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