WOW !! Travis Barker Did Some Serious Shopping @ FENDI

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I wonder if there's anything in there for Shanna ?
  4. ^^^ Are they back together?!:shocked:
  5. Technically no ... but they were seen snogging on Valentines day. :shame:
  6. ^UGH...what a roller coaster. Pretty crazy how she fought paris for Travis. I wonder if he's scared of her now...LOL.
  7. Travis Barker and fendi do not sound right in the same sentence. I have never seen a bag that BIG!!!!!
  8. Right on!
    Good to see him doing some nice designer shopping :p
  9. lol i didn't know fendi made bags that big.
  10. Yeah those bags a huge. I wonder if he bought Fendi luggage ?
  11. Wow!!!!! Fendi shopping bags don't really fit his punk rocker image at all. They're probably for Shanna.
  12. Remeber when he went shopping in CHANEL (on his show). It was pretty funny to see the looks he got from SAs. LOL!!! He even made a comment about that.

  13. :nuts: I saw that episode. He's got the money though !
  14. I agree! LOL
  15. I think he's pretty darn cool...and quite the label man hoe if I might say! wish we knew what was in those bags!