wow, tons of new yummy b-bags from ECLuxe!!!

  1. thanks for posting! wow, where does she grow them?:smile:

  2. Erica, STOP torturing me :drool: Must resist rouge Part Time... :hysteric:
  3. Erica has really out done herself with this batch. An amazing selection. The vert gazon Twiggy and Day are really killing me right about now.

  4. ^^ on b-bag trees in her backyard :wlae:
  5. omg. that vert gazon twiggy is smiling at me!! :push:
  6. Erica always has the best prices! love her!
  7. She's so sweet, and the selection is fabulous :smile: I'm getting a Grenat City from her, yay! After that, i really need to be on a purse ban for a while (at least until my birthday)!

  8. If she ends up with a Vert Gazon first or city, then I might be in trouble! These are great prices.
  9. can she hold that twiggy till like march? lol. i can't buy anymore until then. :hysteric: :crybaby:
  10. whats the retail for a regular hardware brief?
  11. Love the Natural Brief - saw one in IRL last week and it is TDF :love:
  12. I'm almost speechless, they're all so gorgeous. Wow!
  13. The Naturel, Vert Gazon and Truffe briefs are TDF! :drool:

    Note to Self: NO MORE BAGS 'TIL THE CC GETS PAID OFF...which means I'm back on the wagon 'til March!!! :jammin:
  14. Arrgghh :cursing: ... here I was getting all excited when I saw the thread 'ECLuxe', until I opened it up and then saw ... eBay ... DRAT!