WOW! TONS of new bags available on the RM website!

  1. Thanks for posting! Good eye candy! :drool:
  2. I was looking at the new MAMs... not really liking the two toned ones. It seems to clash a bit. =/
  3. Date Clutch in grey! Oh wow, I must resist. Thanks for posting!
  4. Fun to look at! But they need to go on sale ;)
  5. One bag in particular I spotted that's a new one on me is the MAM in Sage w/Whitewash trim - I love it! I like the simple, clean color combo, but I'd never be able to keep that trim clean. It'd be nice if some of these leftover beauties would go on sale.
  6. I totally agree!! Can't afford them at full price when they can be half of that! =P Hope that the ones I want are still around when a sale hits tho.
  7. We get spoiled with all the sales and codes on the web...LOL! I would like to buy the Glazed Espresso MA if there was a code or discount of some kind! I actually looked for it at the first sample sale but I think they only had it in the mini when I went to buy.
  8. I would like to have the eggplant MAM but international shipping is just...ridiculous.
  9. Hey, wasn't someone here looking for an eggplant MAM? Mind blanking at the moment on who it is, but I hope she looks here! :p
  10. Thanks for posting about these beauties! It sucks, because I purchased the Eggplant MAM through a brick and mortar store last week, and now I have to wait for the bag to be sent there and then sent to my place :sad:
  11. I do know someone on here really wanted a silver MAB, so hopefully they see this thread!
  12. SO MANY bags, SO LITTLE money...:sad:

    I would like something in eggplant. eggplant anything. :yes:
  13. ^Hmmm, there are some eyebrow raisers up there! LOL, but I do love that rosegold MAB! Its gorgeous!
  14. OMG! sage nikki!!!