WOW! TIme flies when you're having fun on tPF! 1 year later...

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  1. Wow....I was just checking my profile...and my 1 year anniversary on tPF passed me by a couple weeks back:yahoo:
    Amazing!!!! I love this place....a place for me to vent, share my love of bags, admire others' bags, share thoughts and feelings, get advice.....I just love it!!!

    Thanks for making this place so great Megs & Vlad!!!

    I've belonged to other forums in the past...but would usually move on after a couple months. You simply have THE best handbag forum on the internet that I could never leave!!!

    My wallet wishes I would though....since everyone here is the biggest enabler ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Happy Anniversary Twiggers it wouldn't be the same without you!!
  3. Happy Anniversary Twiggers, absolutely agree TPF is the best!
  4. Happy Anniversary!:drinkup:
  5. Thanks everyone!!!
  6. We have loved having you here this past year- you are a great member!!! Time flies when you are having fun :rochard:
  7. Thanks Megs!!!!!!! You & Vlad have created a wonderful, welcoming place!

    Time definetly does fly....and yes...tons of fun here!!! Never a dull moment with all this eye candy to behold!
  8. Twiggers your such a sweetheart!
    Happy Anniversary :drinkup:cheers to more years to come on TPF!
  9. i know exactly what you mean! happy anniversary.
  10. Happy anniversary. I also celebrated my 1 year anniv last march.
  11. Happy Anniversary!:smile:

    I can definitely relate to what you say about other forums versus here. There is really no comparison, this place is in a league of its own!

    I don't think that I can express my thanks enough times to our Esteemed and Serene Management for bestowing such a wonderful gift upon earth residents.

    The eye candy is nice, but what I enjoy most here is the head candy!:tup:
  12. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!
    Its sooo true that tpf has touched sooo many......wonderful ppl like you make this place a haven for me!!!!


    Oh and Thanks Vlad and Megs.....thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Twiggers, I love ya, man. Happy one year anniversary!!
    Here's to thousands more posts and kickass bag chat.
  14. Mine just passed me a few days ago too! :smile:

    Congrats :biggrin:
  15. Time does fly!and it's a great place here indeed.Glad you are so happy!Happy Anniversary!