WOW! This one I likey

  1. Oh wow! I love that bag.
  2. ohh..this one I really like. First time I have seen it.
  3. Yes, yes!! Lets all get one!!!
  4. wrong window
  5. This bag is GORGEOUS in person! Nordstrom has them in right now. The steel color is so interesting and it is trimmed in black. They also had a clutch that would be such a nice evening bag. I LOVE this color! We have an itty bitty Nordstrom by me and they had a TON of new Koobas!
  6. Oooh, I like it too! How cute!

    I can't get a good feel for the leather though, do you think it's shiny? Or more matte? Hmm... Hopefully we'll see some more pics soon at other retailers.
  7. I do like this one but would want to see it in IRL first to say yes on it.
  8. it is fantastic. I must have it.
  9. Absolutley Gorgeous. I will have this one. The metallic on this one doesn't look quite as glitzy and trimmed in black really adds to it's appeal. First Fall Bag I WOWed at. The price is up there.
  10. I couldn't help myself. This is the first Fall bag I have been Gaga over. I should have it by Monday. I'm really excited. The steel grey and black look like great Winter colors.
  11. Oh Lexie!! hee-hee you did it! I cannot WAIT for you to post pictures when it comes!!
  12. Congrats Lexie yes show pics-I do like the contrast trim on it-the zipper part kinda looks like the zipper style on the Baca bag...I like it! Lucky Girl! :yahoo:
  13. Oh Wow Lexie....that is fabulous! Can't wait to see the pics.
  14. Whoa, I KNEW I shouldn't visit this I'm drooling over new Kooba's! That's a perfect size bag, the reese.

    Wonder if there are any other colors to be released?