Wow! This must be one of the bags from the new floorset!

  1. thats the same bag they are talking about in the authenticate this thread.
    cute as heck though.
  2. LOL - I don't look in that thread very often. Thanks for pointing that out - I will have to go take a peek.
  3. ^^no problem. i check that thread out often so i can learn alittle more :smile:
  4. It looks like most people think it's fake but I disagree!
  5. I'm pretty sure it's fake, we have a legacy patchwork not out yet but it looks nothing like that and that scarf is non existant.
  6. Hm..I just figured it was the scarf that ms-whitney told us would be on the new bags.... but maybe not?
  7. I just emailed the seller to ask where she purchased it.
  8. For what it's worth, I called Coach and verified that style no. 10374 is a limited edition style called Legacy Signature Patchwork Tote. The color is limited to khaki/white and it comes with a removable scarf. The representative I spoke to was not able to tell me what the quantity is limited to. She said the retail price is $578.00 and it is available for order.

    Of course, this particular bag could still be counterfeit but at least we know that it's an authentic style.
  9. I posted that yesterday and I asked the seller about the crooked pocket ont he front and she said that it did look crooked. The thing is that she sells good bags and has good feedback. I cannot believe that she would sell a fake!!!

    It says that it is a limited edition and I thought it was just some kind of a special bag.

  10. As I posted in the authenticate thread, this bag is a Japan design. I have the catalogue from Japan and this bag is in it.

    This is also a slim flap style , hippie, shoulder bag with outside pockets and a wallet that are the same style. They all have the scarf except the wallet of course.

    It is called Limited Edition Signature Patchwork...

    The style numbers are

    10374 - tote
    10371 - slim flap
    hippie - 10373
    shoulder bag - 10328
    wallet - 40221
  11. I love the crooked pocket on that bag! Unless its the angle of the picture its pretty bad.
  12. Thanks for the information! How did you get the catalog and can you scan it for us and post the photos!? I'd love to see what else is in it.

  13. I don't think it is crooked, it is just one of those pockets that has some depth to it, so it is flattened out and makes it look that way.

    Also, the seems on the wallet and bag on the sides of the buckle on leather detail are at two different levels - the one on the right is higher than the one of the left

    That is what makes it "patchwork"!! It has a bunch of seams stitched in different spots that make it look like a bunch of patches, but it looks like it is one solid piece of signature material, just broken up by seams making the patches. Does that make sense???

    If anyone is interested, I can try to scan my catalogue and post the picutures.

    The catalogue is TINY though....just like all Japan catalogues, I guess. It is square and only 5 1/2 inches. This is the second catalogue I have received from Japan and they are both tiny!!!

  14. I got the catalogue from an Ebay seller who's hubby is in the military and stationed in Japan. I bought a Dior and Coach catalogue (one purchased from a book store - I know it sounds weird, but it really is!!) from her a few months ago and she went and got me the new Coach catalogue (put out by Coach like ours, free) a few weeks ago on my request. She is now going to get them for me everytime there is a new one!!

    I am going to go take a nap, and will scan the catalogue this evening. Besides this design, it is the only that I think is different than our designs. However, the prices are OUTRAGEOUS!!! Like almost twice the price of ours, with exchange rates. Our Ali bag sells for $698 and their sells for $1421 with the exchange rate (something close to that, I looked it up a week or two ago)

    I can post exact prices from the Japan catalogue if anyone is interested in seeing the difference, too...just let me know and I will check back in a few hours after I get up. (I have a broken ankle on top of my disability so I need to elevate it every few hours or my cast gets too tight and my toes start to turn purple. I have been up since 7 am, and I am starting to see purple :sad: )