Wow. This is quite shocking...

  1. I have a story for you girls..Just thought it was kinda like a 'Woah!' Story...

    I came home from school yesterday and while I waited for my mom to get home, my dad hands me this card with some Carlys on it and says "Ugh. Here. Purses."

    I looked at it.
    And then I looked at the name on the envelope.
    I opened the card and saw my mom actually got a PCE invitation.
    My eyes went from this: :smile:
    to this: :shocked:

    She has only bought 1 bag from Coach. And that one bag was under 80 dollars at an outlet! No, I have not gotten PCE, but Ive read all of your guys' stories about PCE and it just seems like my mom kinda got a free coupon. Seems unfair to the women who spend hundreds, even thousands, at Coach and some of them have not even gotten an invitation.

    That makes me ticked. Ragh! Even though shes my mom, I have to say this: She doesnt deserve one. People who spend more than like, $550 should be able to get one. I mean come on, her one purchase was less than $80!

    Oh well I guess.
    Ill look on the somewhat brightside
    This gives her a reason to go to Coach...
    Maybe she'll get something for me?
  2. Hehehehe....yeah you should ask for a christmas present!!! :smile::smile::smile:
  3. That is frustrating. I wonder if those of us who spend a decent amount at the boutiques can gripe to our SAs and get the discount. I agree with Hannah that it isn't really "fair." Unless they are still having normal PCE in December...maybe this is just an extra way to boost sales for Coach prior to the Christmas season rush.
  4. The rest of us can just hope that thats what Coach is doing.
  5. someone had said that they are still doing the PCE in december, but this one next week is to get customers back, like ppl that haven't purchased coach in awhile. Don't quote me on it, I'd call your local store and ask an SA.
  6. Well, I feel torn about it. I'm happy for those who've never gotten one and were included in this for the first time. I know how exciting that feeling is to get an invitation. But I also feel betrayed in a way. I hope that there is a December PCE for those who are loyal customers and not just this attempt to win new customers.

    Isn't this kind of a backwards attempt to get loyal customers though? I mean, isn't it better to use PCE to reward good customers so that they'll purchase more in an attempt to receive a PCE? KWIM? Instead this is sort of insulting to those who are loyal and have come to expect this as a reward for being loyal. I hope that makes sense! LOL!
  7. you know, i could care less, except I'm counting on the december PCE to get the Leigh.... I sound so cheap lol but saving $162 is great!!! boooo I guess we'll all just have to wait :confused1:
  8. The event coming up this week is NOT the PCE it is for customers who have mainly shopped at the outlets. PCE will be in December and this is totally different than that event.
  9. Oh... okay... thanks for the clarification. I was starting to get worried.
  10. So is it still being called the "preferred customer event".....wouldn't the "hey we haven't seen you in a long time" or the "come get something from a full price store" event be more accurate? cousin made her first purchase from the outlet on Sunday......I wonder if she'll get one?
  11. LOL. I need to call my SA and ask her about this.
    Cause I agree with all of you. DH and I hate when companies try to suck in 'new' customers instead of rewarding old ones that truly love the company. I guess companies do well with casual shoppers that come in and buy random items, but we all know from listening to each other that they make their real profit off people that continually buy more.
    It is easy capitalism!
    SO GIVE US OUR 25% OFF!!!!! :smile::smile::smile:
  13. oh my. I shouldn't tell my mom about this or she'll get too exited.

    Banana, when did your mom buy the bag.
    BTW, my dad does the exact same thing when the catalogs come home!
  14. wait so this isnt PCE?
  15. How about those of us who never get any cards for this or regular PCE? I've only gotten PCE because of some very kind individuals on here. I just want my own card for once.:cursing:...okay mini temper tantrum over for now:rolleyes: