wow...this is a cute bag but seems expensive for coach

  1. It is cute! It's a HUGE bag though--more like a messenger bag than a purse to me...
  2. Is the other name for this 'map bag' or something? Or is that a whole other line?

    I saw a smaller (but bigger than a demi) one that was really cute, I can't recall the price though.
  3. That is really expensive for Coach.. I guess they're trying to make themselves more of a luxury brand by having higher priced items? :blink:
  4. that IS expensive... if i had to spend that much, i would much rather buy a gucci or something else.
  5. Pretty but I'd get an LV for that price.
  6. The new Bags this year have really raised in price. I really liked the Daphne bag but it was also 600+
    I can't justify the cost when compared to the quality. I could hang with 200-300 $ but it seems all the ones I really like are just way overpriced. It started with the Pocket satchels, then the Daphne's and now the Legacy Line.
    I really started to question my love of Coach when I got my Kooba's.
  7. These babies are massive, Mandy Moore has one and she's pretty tall yet it still looks large !!

  8. I'd pick something else for that price. It is nice though
  9. I'll wait until it hit the Coach outlet. :lol:
  10. I saw the dusty purple daphne at an outlet for $428 so I'm sure the other colors will be hitting the outlets soon. =)
  11. Hmhmh, I really like it :smile: I think it's worth the money!
  12. Due to the fact that this bag is made of leather I find the cost justified.I'm not nuts about the brown one but I could see myself buying the white.
  13. I saw that Coach bag in the store the other day. It is huge! I liked the clasp lock- thought it was fun for a change.
  14. Ouch, and that's after they shifted production to China, too. I hope the consumer will ask why this bag is approaching European designer bags in price. Or is even MORE expensive.