Wow, this bag is beautiful !

  1. Does anyone have this one in this color ? If so, wow ! [​IMG]
  2. it was still available as of a few days ago!

    you should get it!

    it's the legacy satchel in pond
  3. oooohhh.....Shelly likey.
  4. Oohhh, looks nice - but it's probably heavy!
  5. The color of that bag is definitely TDF!! I have seen it IRL and I almost snatched it! :amazed: Well no, not quite but you know what I mean.
  6. I have this exact bag but in signature khaki/ebony. I adore it!!! It is a bit on heavy side because of the hardware etc but it's not too bad. You should get this bag!! I love the pond color!!!
  7. Beautiful bag - I'm almost wishing I would've bought my shoulder bag in pond.
  8. Since I love to help other people spend their money on Coach, I just checked and it is still available on If you ordered it today through you local boutique you could probably get the PCE!!!
    It's soooo pretty...hmmmm I don't have any leather Coach bags, mine are all signature...hmmmmmmm......
  9. I wanted it in khaki and ebony but when I saw it in this color, it was breathtaking ! Thanks for all the advice and enabling ! I so wish I could buy it but I am on a DH imposed ban and can't justify buying another bag right now but can admire it from afar !
  10. It is. Gorgeous color!
  11. Beautiful!!! The color is super nice.
  12. I love the pond and am so happy I got my shoulder bag in it. I'm very tempted over the satchel, too!

    I just wish that the Ali had come in it. I'd be happy for life.
  13. King of Prussia must have sold their last one. I did not see it yesterday.
  14. I will in a few days but not in this style, I got a shoulder bag instead of satchel.
  15. I swear I saw it at South Coast Plaza on Monday if anyone is still looking...