wow thin

  1. but really needs a bra.

  2. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Ok I am going to sound dumb here, but what do you think she eats all day??? Jeeze that is tinyyyyy
  4. That is disgusting!!! She looks like she's sick.....ick!! :sick:

    Obviously fake boobs too.....poor thing.....I just wanna hold her down and shove a donut down her throat. :P
  5. EWWW... I agree with Kimm992. i'm not a big fan of Victoria at all and she looks worse every time i see her! BLAH!
  6. She's not looking good these days...
  7. Bless her heart. Someone give her a taco!
  8. Okay? WHERE is her bra?! I usually think she looks HOT, despite being so thin but she does not look so good here. Cute shorts and shoes though! I'm not mad at her.
  9. :amazed: the nippls from outer space again. i do not like the outfit (exept the shoes) but like her figure (yes i do so slaughter me)
  10. What figure? lol :huh:

    Her body looks like my 10 year old nephew (minus the huge fake boobs)!! :lol:

    Women have curves....she looks like a little boy. :yucky:
  11. ohoh.. i guess im the only one that thinks she looks ok... except of course she needs a bra.
  12. Way too thin (no figure left) the shoes, but they look ridiculous with her shorts/ bra-YUCK (she hasn't been wearing one lately, but with those breasts at "attention" all the time...she doesn't need one), and she is getting older looking...wake up victoria!
  13. Oh dear, waaaaaaay too thin, about a UK size 4...ewwwwwwwwww and her boobs looks as though they have their own radar system!:amazed:

    Thought you might like to see a couple of pics of VB pre famous-for-being-a-footballers-wife-and-so-obviously-having-a-boob-job-and-still-denying-it!!!:graucho:
    These were when she was in The Spice Girls (remember them?):lol:
    Spice%20Girls-2.jpg Spice-Girls-ps01.jpg
  14. She never looks happy.
  15. I am guessing she eats the breakfast of champions : meth and starbucks straight.

    and I think her nipples are surgically placed to always be erect - which is typically common with strippers/adult filmstars, so if you wear a bra then your investment is wasted !