WOW they are really making me wait for my Tivoli!

  1. I ordered my Tivoli PM last Thursday from the Las Vegas store to be shipped to my local one here in Minneapolis. I paid for 2 day shipping since, of course, I am impatient to have my new luv in my hands! Vegas LV told me Minneapolis LV would have it by this morning. So, I called my LV just now (its almost 3 pm and no one had contacted me to say its In)...the SA had no clue about any shipments and she acted really annoyed that I inquired. She said she didn't know when their FedEx arrives. I was like, okaaay...I paid for 2 day shipping and was promised to have my bag by today. I work in the 'burbs, and not super close to downtown, so its not like I can jump in my car and drive over for no reason (and there is a snowstorm today anyway). Am I being too impatient? :s
  2. No, I always want my stuff like yesterday, LOL! I do have the bigger Tivoli and I am in love with this bag. Its perfect.

    Good luck and I hope you get it soon. I live in the burbs too and am 1 hour away from the store. So I feel your pain.
  3. Fedex delivers late into the night where I live, hopfully that's the case with you....I would EXPECT nothing less if I paid for 2 day express, so I can totally understand your frustration !!!!
  4. no, you are not. I would be upset too. I have Tivoli GM, it is so gorgeous, just wait a little more... :smile:
  5. Oh i am sorry this happened to you.
  6. I got my Tivoli GM delivered at 9pm. Considering you paid for 2 day express shipment, you have a right to inquire.
  7. oh no, I hope you get it soon! They made you pay for shipping to ship it from one store to another???? :confused1:
  8. I'd initially called 866 to track down the item and Las Vegas was the store they found for me, and yeah, I had to pay shipping.
  9. I can't believe that they made you pay shipping from store to store!! But since you paid for it, I think that you should demand the tracking number. Then at least you can "watch" it move. And if it's significantly delayed, start demanding a refund of the appropriate parties.

    Good Luck & hug that Tivoli for me when you get it.
  10. definately not!!! i don't blame you for calling the store, i would have too. that SA must have been dealing with a bad afternoon (not to stick up for them or anything) because your inquiry was of normal consumer protocol. if the bag was supposed to be in your hands today, then it should be in your hands today - you even paid the extra shipping costs. i hope you get it, at the very least, by tomorrow. if you have a tracking #, i'd check that online to see where your tivoli is.
  11. what a cranky SA. I hope your bag comes soon!!
  12. No you're not being impatient, when I want something I want it now too ... lol! They should have just shipped it straight to you especially since you paid for the shipping. I called the 866# not too long ago and they found me a bag from a boutique but they didn't charge me shipping and they sent it to my home. I think that if you don't get it by the day they specified that they need to credit you the shipping fees.
  13. yikes, another cranky SA. t'is the season to be snarky ... fa la la la la ...

    to ease your mind a bit, i used to work in software and once the package leaves our shipping department, it was the in hands of the shipping company. a tracking # is assigned usually when the package is picked up and scanned so most places won't know your tracking # unless they have it setup in their system to have it recorded. retail stores rarely will know since they just ship or mail like anyone else. typically if your package ships before 2p (general rule), it will get there within the proper amount of time. however, if it isn't picked up until after 2p, then you need to add on another day. plus your bag is going from Las Vegas to MN which is going backwards time zone-wise by 2 time zones (2, right?) and you have the Rocky Mountains in there. plus you guys are getting hit by snow which is an entirely different variable to consider. isn't shipping a huge pain!?! :smile: i had a package shipped DHL from PA to MI last year and there was a snowstorm and it was stuck in OH for 2 extra days. i was tracking on DHL's website and it was sitting in OH for, like, 2 days and i called just to make sure i wasn't seeing things because sometimes websites lag. btw, if you guys ever need to call DHL, their customer service is EXCELLENT. so anyway, now that i just took up your whole thread w/ my post. :smile:

    hopefully you have your package by now though! new bags rock. :smile:
  14. oh no, i'd be so annoyed too when you pay to get it quickly you definately expect to!! hope you receive it soon
  15. ughh how frustrating. Last year I bought a small agenda from the Seattle store, I live 35 miles from Seattle, but the traffic and parking in Seattle after work is awful, so just wanted it sent. They had me pay for fedex overnight, $20, and it took 5 days to get it - 5 days to go 35 miles. I was mad - and you have a right to have your bag when they promised!