Wow these

  1. people are getting bad, I feel sorry for the person /people that bid on this :shame:
  2. Oh no. I hope nobody bids:sad: I'm reporting them. V
  3. perfect, I did too
  4. i dont own anything from the denim collection and i usually compare my bags with that of the Ebay auctions that I am wary of but how did you ladies spot this as a fake?
  5. The handles are hideous looking! They look like plastic
  6. I don't know much about the denim collection yet either....the leather/zippers look weird that wat gave it away?
  7. I'm still clueless when i look at it.. I still can't tell. How do u ladies tell it's a fake.
  8. Details, like there's supposed to be a patch in this.. plus stamping in alcantra lining is never coloured in like that. The handles also are looking a little funky.
  9. The date code is a give away. LV embosses it in the Denim bags, this one is in black. Its not even a good date code for that matter.
  10. The 'leather' looks like plastic. Gross.
  11. first the color, the front pockets, handles are off, the imprint on the outer pull leaf, the imprint on the underside of the pocket snap,date code imprint, and the imprint on the inner pocket.
  12. i'm not an expert but the leather did it for me