WOW These are HOT !!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. oooh I like those! Any more details?? :tup:
  3. I know...I'd love to get my hands on those, are they available now?
  4. ohhh.....i like those!!!
  5. Well they are sold out online at

    Prices are:

    Colorfull Travel carre (in black and white) - £120 (UK pounds), approx $230 US dollars and 170 euro

    Colorfull Travel bandeau (in black and white) - £59 (UK Pounds), Approx $108 US dollars and 80 euro

    Monogram trunks carre - £140 (UK pounds), approx $270 US dollars and 190 euro
  6. i love the black bandeau!
  7. Love it love it....but not on eluxury? I'll be sure to ask about these on's my b'day and I'm taking myself to LV for a little somethin'
  8. they are too cute!!!
  9. I really love the blue graffiti keepall on the scarf and bandeau, its ashame that its quite pink or I would have bought that scarf. Maybe this is a hint from LV that they are bringing back the graffiti keepall in blue and white combo :nuts:
  10. Now those are fun!
  11. I hope to get 3 new Bandeaus very soon!
    I love those , they are so cute :smile:
  12. They are garish...
  13. I like them! I'm not sure if they would look good on any of my bags, but they are cute anyway.
  14. Ok, I need the bandeaus!
  15. Great pics! Thanks for posting.