Wow, the prices, ouch!

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  1. I haven't been buying bags for a while now, maybe 2 years...and now I just went shopping and WOW! The prices have skyrocketed! I think my speedy was $585! Is this the weak dollar? Ouchy ouch. Maybe no new bag for me!
  2. Prices go up once or twice a year and the last price hike was killer! I mean wow! The I bought the Brooklyn pm last year for $845 or there abouts and now it's at over $1k.
  3. I think the Mahina bags went up the most...
  4. The US had a huge price increase in Feb (10%) I think and a smaller one in June(6%). I only got into LV in March, so I did not feel the hit in Feb. Prices increased everywhere, but I think most in US.
  5. There were two increases this year (February and June). If you haven't shopped at LV in a few years, it would be a shock because I remember going about a year without any increase around that time...and I think it was 2009 when they made some adjustments and actually lowered the prices on some bags--like the canvas speedy bags. The mahina line went up the most. My mahina L was 2720 USD I believe in July 2009. Now it is 3750! Talk about ouch!!!!
  6. ^^
    Stacy31--OMG i don't think i could stomach something going up about $1k! good thing you got your mahina pre-increase!

    yeah they've gone up across the board. i got my nf gm over a year ago...the nf pm now costs more than for what i purchased my nf gm!
  7. YIKES! My two Mahina was purchased before the price increases as well.


  8. ^^ I know! My NF was only 650USD when I got her in 2008--now she's 820 or 850--I can't remember...and my speedy 25 that I bought around the same time was 595!
  9. it makes me wish i had started buying LV earlier!!! all of the LV i have now are at least $100 more than they were when i originally purchased them (except for the idylle speedy i just got last month).

    when canvas speedies are over the $1k mark...i quit! :P
  10. OP, don't despair, there are plenty of gorgeous, gently used, authentic LV items on auction sites. Careful shoppers can find bags that have been carried just a few weeks being sold for lots less than boutique prices.

    Remember out authenticators take all the worry out of buying pre-owned.
  11. Wow! I'm new to LV so I don't really know how the pricing was then. But then again, if these bags are made in France, Spain and the US, the labor cost is not cheap as well.

    The bags are gorgeous and well made that's why I went for an LV. But my intention is to use this bag until it falls apart so I know my money is well spent on a great bag. :smile:
  12. My Pegase was $2,450 in Janurary now it's $3,050.
    My Mom's Vernis Brea was $1,850 last year now it's $2,410! :Push:

  13. ITA!:yes:
  14. I hope i get my speedy before another increase cause im not paying over $800 , i will just choose something else .
  15. The price increases really stink, and quite frankly, turned me off to LV. I love the bags that I have so much. But really has bothered me is that customer service has been lacking. My last two bags have been Chanel, which has even worse price increases, and I feel like I have been treated like royalty. LV knew I was itching for a bag for my anniversary when I bought my passport cover before my trip to Italy (actually we bought two, one for me and one for a graduation present) I eyed up bags in the $2000 to $3000 range and the SA just kind of smirked and said "aren't they beautiful." Did not offer to let me see it and kind of made me feel out of place - and THEY KNOW ME. So I got a Jumbo Caviar double flap, which increased in price by nearly $1000 the day after. I am sure they could care less, but it just seemed bizarre.