Wow THE PETITE-MALLE - The New "It" Bag for NG?

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  1. #1 Mar 7, 2014
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  2. Please see Post #49 also on Page 4 for more information and pictures of this beautiful and unique Petite-Malle.
  3. Hahaha I posted about this in a few threads last night bc many sources are crowning it the new it bag! Great minds think alike :smile: I think it's really cute and unusual!
  4. I think there are articles in the daily mail uk, fashionista, and maybe ny times about how this is the new it bag? I'll repost here later!
  5. Beautiful! Nicolas Ghesquière did a great job!
  6. I instantly fell in love when I saw this bag, before I read about it being the new "it" bag. I am worried about the price... I just wish I knew if it was a "no possible way" price for me or if there is the slightest possibility I could afford it. Anyone have any guesses?
  7. I love it!!! It's so cute! Bet the price tag will be hefty, but that's been the direction LVs been going lately anyway. It's refreshing!
  8. I like the single handle speedy .. I love the trunk bag and am wondering if it's practical though? Unless practicality and fashion does not go hand in hand here :P
  9. I must say no. This feels very contrived - low level bloggers' musings and Bernie's baby mama toting it - I just can't help but take pause. It seems like buzz should be more organic. It is cute for sure but i am trouble by cute.
  10. When I saw NG presenting his collection online...I am in Love with the Petite Malle!
    I really hope it will be offered with a larger size. :biggrin:
  11. it's cute, but cute is not my style....
  12. +1
  13. I don't like it that much. I like the one handle speedys
  14. I agree, I'm afraid the price tag will be hefty. :cry: I've already texted my SA to keep my apprised of ANY information that she gets on this line. I'll post if I hear anything about price, then we'll all know.

    I'm already setting $ aside for it. :graucho:

    Sorry, my pretty little pink Judith Lieber, you may not get to go to the next big event after the Petite-Malle is released. :lol: