wow, the Japan site

  1. has some cool things, they still have the ergo totes, and a patent ergo tote - i want that bag....darn it oh, and they have the leather ergo cross body....

    damn.... i am so mad i missed out on those ergo totes
  2. They really do. They have something I really want, wish they would ship to the US.
  3. The style numbers on the Japan site are the same that we use state-side. If there is something that you love you can call your local store and see if it can be ordered (usually the answer is yes). Typically if it is in Japan we can get it for you....:wlae:
  4. I want the Peony tote, matching wallet and scarf. But they are all SOLDOUT :crybaby: here. So If anyone is going to japan can you please get them for me.:okay:
  5. They should be replenished....have you left your info. at your local store just in case?
  6. The Ergo Leather Cross body No. 10746 is available to order in tobacco right now.
    Other colors such as rust and turquoise will be added in the new year. It is $278 and here are some pictures of me modeling mine.
    IMG0001_37.jpg IMG0002_6.jpg
  7. OH that is cool.
  8. Yea, anything you see on the Japan site, you can either call your local store or JAX and they can order it for you. I just ordered the Heritage Stripe Tote off the japan site (See my post titles....Oh Man Oh Man) :smile: