Wow the Chanel catalogue is crappy

  1. I popped into the boutique this morning to pick up my cambon wallet (Will post photos when I get home) and my SA gave me a "catalogue" for the Accessories Fall-Winter.
    I was sp excited I couldn't wait to open it at work. The first six pages are of clouds.
    Then there are about 12 pages, half of which are just clouds and the other half have about two or three accessories on them. It doesn't give the name of the product, a price, a number, ANYTHING to identify what the hell I'm looking at!
    I'm so disappointed, I was hoping for tons of pics with reference numbers and descriptions. Instead I got crap.:sad:
  2. that s weird. My SA sent me a few catalogs with my stuff and there were 2 small catalogs for 2007 Fall Winter Accessories with pix and price lists of items you can also see at their website. Perhaps she can send you the right ones (one has an all white cover--no clouds!--and the other says "Paris-Monte Carlo by the blue train"). There's also a hardcover black catalog for the watches.
  3. I saw those ones lying on the table but I thought they were just for the store and not for customers. :tdown: Next time I'm going to ask if they have any of those left!

    BTW, I really want that hat you have. They didn't have any yet in the store. It's so cute!
  4. ^ i'm pretty happy with the hat too since it's so light. the tweed one i got last year can get heavy after a while (gives me a headache sometimes lol). i hope you'll find it--looks cool with some big sunnies!
  5. ^^^As ldldb mentioned, you really aren't missing much, because I received those two catalogues as well a few weeks ago, and they contain the same pics that you can see on
  6. I was totally thinking i want a cambon wallet too. i'm waiting til my next check. what color did you get? one that matches your tote? i really want a black on white or the same as with black patents c's. Hopefully i could still find black on white.
  7. I got the one that matches my tote:p
    My SA said there are tons left in stores so I don't think you have to worry about getting one soon.
    I'm posting pics when I get home from work later tonight or if not tonight, tomorrow.

    Cosmo- Are there lots of photos? The ones I was looking at in the Boutique had tons of photos but I'm not sure if they are all on the site. They came in a hard holding cover, split up in three booklets, one had models on the runway and then a description of the item. It was pretty cool!
  8. No, the two little fall catalogues really didn't have that many pics; there are more pics on It sounds like maybe you are describing the "lookbooks" that the Chanel SAs get. The lookbooks have really extensive listings of all the bags, item #s, prices, colors, etc. I've attached an example of a lookbook page, borrowed from an older thread.
    Chanel lookbook.jpg
  9. don't you just wish they would give lookbooks to customers as catalogues? maybe then we would know what's available and what their style numbers are so that when we do call sa's, we don't have to spend a while describing the bag we want.
  10. I hear ya! I just got this catalogue in the mail today and after flipping past pages and pages of "clouds", I came to the product pages and there was hardly anything there! Like you say, no prices, no descriptions ... nothing. I didn't see anything I was interested in anyway.
  11. Yes I think that's what I was looking at. But they had other books with big photos too, they were gorgeous!

    azaelea- I DO wish they would give lookbooks to us because I hate trying to spend forever describing what I want over the phone and they always get it wrong!

    Moonstarr- I hate the clouds! lol
  12. could you pls let me know where you were able to find a cambon wallet?
  13. Not sure if you're asking me or retro but I found mine at the boutique in Toronto, Canada. They told me they have a few left. Here is their number: 416-925-2577. Not sure what the international area code is since you're calling from the States.