Wow, that was fast!

  1. I just got an email from Banana Republic last week about their new handbag line, Ashbury. I loved the 4 pocket hobo, so I ordered one to check it out.

    I just checked the site today, and it seems that they are all sold out! Or at least it says that page is no longer available. It is still on the home maybe they are expecting more to come in?
  2. I actually like the leather used for their Ashbury bags a lot. I saw 3 models in the local store and handled them (no 4-pocket hobo though). I love them. The leather feels like 'oiled' leather. I think BR is making their handbag line nicer and nicer.
  3. Now they have the 4-pocket shoulder bag in stock again. :smile:

    Banana Republic is really making their handbag lines better. I feel so tempted towards the Ashbury line - the leather is so nicely distressed and has a charming feel. And the price is very reasonable too, plus, I'm positive that they will go on sale in two or three months...

    I saw another model in their local store. It's a shoulder bag, not so tall as the flat shoulder bag, but has similar two pockets in the front. It is not listed online though...
    AshburyFlatShoulder.jpg AshburyFourPocket.jpg AshburySmallShoulder.jpg
  4. I saw these in the window display of our local Banana Republic-- I was so tempted to stop in and check them out, but ran out of time. I'll definitley have to now!
  5. wow! that was quick
  6. WOW.... I really like the large hobo. I love how it's not overdone and there aren't too many details on it. I am very tempted to just pay full price but I know if I just wait a few months I can at LEAST get 30% off, if not 50% :sad:

    I mean, seriously I have no excuse paying full price, they send me 15% off coupons all the time as a cardholder.