WOW!! Talk about a price jump....

  1. I just talked to my SA (finally called her AGAIN and she was there...;P) she said the price of the patchwork denim speedy was supposed to be 1050 and now it's 1890!! :shrugs:

    Just thought I'd give you the latest info!!
  2. Yeah I didn't think the price on the look book was right... :s
  3. wow
  4. Wow... Sound like my denim jacket! Was $1300 and when it came in like $2k:nuts:
  5. I agree! I also think the dentelle pieces seem to be under-priced....

    PS: congrats for getting hold of your SA!!! :biggrin:
  6. I didn't think it looked "right" either, but I sure was hoping! :graucho:
  7. I asked about the price of those too, and she said those were correct....1260! Guess we'll see when they come out! LOL

    Thanks, I finally sucked it up and just called her again. Figured if she wasn't going to be helpful and call me back then I was going to annoy her with my phone calls! LOL She actually didn't even know that I had called....go figure!
  8. Oh man! That much! Damn so that means no more shopping and save for the dentelle pieces!
  9. That's a whole lotta money for something so tacky looking.:sick: No offense to those who love it.
  10. ohhh, just got a tummy ache...
  11. wow this is a big jump...
  12. Yeah, I thought it was a bit "cheap" at $1K. Oh,well now I don't even have to consider it.:p
  13. Wow.
  14. wow..thats scary how it goes up in price so darn fast.... :shrugs: :s :yucky:
  15. So how much is the pochette going to run??? I hope it doesnt jump too high also. Thanks for the information!!