Wow! Take a look at Lauren's Medallion! Sheesh!!! :O

  1. Talk about beat up :wtf:


  2. its like busting at the seams. jeez
  3. holy cow!!! it looks like white paint?
  4. Well it's like the only bag I've seen her use so I'm not surprised lol
  5. I don't know of the white spots -it could be from a drink or paint but
    Is this what we pay for I wonder ??this and similar tote bags are supposed to be for everyday use and load IMO!
    I just hope it is a fake otherwise Chanel must be copying fakes with all the new leather philosophy yuks!
  6. Hey, at least she uses and enjoys it! Besides, she can afford to buy another or ten at any given time so probably sees no need to baby it.
  7. Wow... HAHA but then again it seems that that is the only bag she owns so... seeing that she uses it everyday of course the bag is going to be in that condition
  8. I'm talking of the quality Roey, people pay a lot on totes that are supposed to be sturdy and of good lasting quality!
    Also do bear in mind that there are a lot of Fers here that save in order to get a Chanel :Students or hardworking ladies .I do recall the problems you had with your lux bowler and I do recall how you even stood by not so professional SAs just so they won't lose their jobs eventually and that was very thoughful of you!
    I just can't understand how YOU of all here said this thing!
  9. How was what roey said bag? I don't understand where the controversay is in her statement.

    Regarding the photo, it kind of looks as though she tied using some kind of thick leather cleaner or something else in the creases and then was unable to get it completely off. This happened b/c I'm an idiot who tried to do that years ago on my steering wheel on my car. It came off after quite some time but it looked just like her bag (it was on the symbol of my car on the wheel.)
  10. ItsMyWorld everybody is expressing opinions, I said "IMO",as you expressed yours!
    I won't get into an argument of what might have happened to the cele 's bag and I didn't mean the white colour only; I talked of the overall look of the bag.
    I will not keep on praising Chanel if I see such quality failing -again IMO-!
    and I'm not the only one in this forum that expresses disappointment I think there were so many threads and posts before!
    Besides I thought we were discussing long standing quality here ,and not anyone's ability to buy Chanel bags ,to answer your first question!
  11. Okay, I rarely post -but I just needed to put how boggled I am at this??

    How did Roey's post equate to that?

    In Roey's defense... she is just saying that Lauren has enough money that it wouldn't matter much to her that she is just "flinging" the bag around because she can just buy another. -As for quality, it's a proven fact that Lauren is ALWAYS carrying this bag... like EVERY pic of her on Perezhilton or TMZ, she has THIS bag, so I doubt it's a quality issue, more likely a combination of her not caring for the bag, and her using it ALOT (did you ever see the episode of The Hills where her and Jason are meeting for coffee and she just flung the bag onto the cement floor? -I would NEVER think of doing that with my $2000 bag, so that should serve as an example of how well she probably treats her bags)

    And might I add that I know for a fact that Roey is herself a VERY hardworking woman, so perhaps before we jump to conclusions...?
  12. I put my Medallion on the floor all the time :angel: and it still looks as good as new!!! :p So I dunno what happened here with her bag....
  13. she just bought a $2.5mil house...can she not afford a new purse?
  14. I'm puzzled as well... it looks like she got paint on it or spilled some Pinkberry down the front! :yes:

    O well... she's said that it IS her fave bag, maybe she's striving for a more uhmmmm vintage-y beat up look?
  15. Looks like she spoiled milkshake or something on it...
    I don't understand how some can say 'it looks like this is her only bag' in a way that sounds like that is a bad thing. So she really loves this bag and uses it all day every day, so what... I like it when people use something till it can be used no more. Especially when you can easily afford more bags. Seems to me as though she really appreciates it.