WOW - super RARE: YELLOW Sunflower First Classique

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  1. OMG , I want this !
  2. Go for it jydeals :yahoo: :yes: - good luck :love:
  3. Good luck! It sure is pretty and HAPPY looking. :biggrin:
  4. awesome seller, she always has the BEST bags!
  5. Go for it jydeals !
  6. Thanks to everyone and to firstclass for posting !

    She accepted my offer! I can now cross this one off my wishlist! I've been waiting for this color to come up on ebay for soooooooooooooooooo long !! :yahoo:

  7. WOW jydeals :nuts: ..... I'm so happy for you :yahoo: !!! CONGRATS :flowers: - lucky girl - can't wait to see pics ;) :yes: :love: !! Enjoy :drinkup:
  8. Thank you firstclass for posting and thank you jydeals for giving this baby a sweet home :love: