Wow! Strong response AGAINST paypal from potential seller

  1. I was looking to buy some Crest White Strips off of eBay (sealed packages, good dates, much cheaper!!). When I found someone with a good price, I saw they do not accept Paypal, only checks or money order (I am not a big Paypal fan, but, i also don't like sending strangers my checking account info or paying them with a money order). So, I sent an email just politely asking how come they didn't take Paypal.

    Here's the response I got back:

    I do not like PayPal....i do not trust PayPal. They are not a bank, they are not subject to any federal regulation.
    As part of your aggreement with them, PayPal can put a hold on your account, tie up your funds for up to 180 days....without reason or recourse.
    They have caused a great deal of grief & unnecessary disruption to several of my efirends....I opt not to accept their terms, nor will I tolerate their Gestapo tactics.
  2. well, she has a point. PayPal can be your best friend and then your worst enemy. In the end, if you always follow their rules, (which are subject to revision), you don't need to worry too much. However, sellers beware - because if a customer uses the phrase, "unauthorized account access" you really have to jump through hoops to get your money back.
  3. If the seller is in good standing and the item isn't expensive then I will send a cashier's check with delivery confirmation. My bank provides them at no charge and none of my personal info is on there.
    I completely understand why some sellers don't accept paypal as it can be a nightmare.
  4. As a buyer and seller, I don't like paypal either. But oftentimes they are just a necessary evil. If you can get around using them, and it's a legit seller, go for it. But definitely use a tracking number if you send a money order.
  5. I have had my share of problems with paypal ie: they put a hold on my account until I supplied them with receipts and shipping proof for over 20 transactions! The same problem many of us have had recently.

    I prefer to receive payment via check or money order, but I will take paypal, eveidently I HAVE to since I am a powerseller. I also prefer to pay by check.

    My ordered new checks after I moved for both of my checking accounts (2 different banks) and one set came with bar coding on the bottom and no actual account numbers printed. LOVE that!

  6. OOh-that would be nice!
  7. Sigh, when I first started selling on eBay, it was 1999 and I bought and sold high end Artist dolls. I never had a problem sending out $700-800 for a doll in the US or Europe with a check or money order or sending a doll out excepting the same. Boy, things have changed in Ebay and not for the better. The more technology there is, the worse it seems to get. :crybaby:I haven't sold anything in a long time nor do I intend to anymore
  8. As a buyer, I use them because they are convenient. But as a seller I hate them! :cursing: We, the sellers, pay their fees and they do little to protect us. A buyer only needs to say fraud and they take the money from us - even if we ship to confirmed addresses. A buyer who has second thoughts about their purchase, can make up any excuse that there is a problem with the item and they can get their money back. Like some have said, "all sales are final" is not necessary the case with Paypal. I would rather not use them and I am slowly moving that way. It's not worth the stress.

    If you are buying something not that expensive and the seller has good feedback, then you should send the cashier's check.
  9. so far, i haven't had any problems with paypal. they have actually helped me get my money back. but i know my bf's acct was placed on a hold and he has about $1800 in there for no reason. he needed to refund a buyer and they still wouldn't unhold the acct for him- now that was such a pain to deal with.
  10. HI.. I am a ebay power seller and was very honest about a bag that I was selling. I listed 12 photos and enclosed all information about the bag in the auction description and even put all sales are final except for authenticity. Well the buyer had buyes remorse so I called paypal and they were NO help at all and told me some really shocking things... they do not really protect the seller from whom their 3% of sales come from but the buyer. I really thought that this was so unfair as I was honest and upfront about every thing and the thought that she could do a charge back on me made me so upset, so I told her just to send it back and I would refund her.Why even bother putting on your suppose to be legal auction that... all sales are final, please read all of the auction terms.. if its just a waste of time and no one has to stick with it??? If you will go to is where you will learn about the PayPal Class Action Lawsuit, Abuse, Fraud & evil behind the PayPal system! you will see why most of us sellers are NOT accepting paypal any longer. Hope this helps you ;)
  11. Oh wow, which bank was this?? Gotta love a bank that is one step ahead of everybody else....