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  1. Didn't mean to offend anyone, was just making a suggestion.
  2. huh?
  3. ?
  4. mellbella, no biggie, no one's offended. That's the mods job, to keep that kind of stuff off the board. This thread will probably get nixed too because it's OT and this is the Coach forum. We all understand, just don't worry about it and enjoy the forum! There's lots of places to explore and post in! Have a good time!
  5. wait...what's going on? what did I miss??
  6. Nothing really. Another thread was closed and she's just apologizing. No biggie.
  7. I was just saying it would be cool if we could have a bag exchange board and I guess that is a nono topic. I was just saying sorry to those I offended.
  8. I really wasn't trying to cause trouble:shrugs:
  9. no one's offended, we just don't allow discussion of purchasing, selling, or exchanging bags with or from other members outside of the marketplace, and that's not going to change. in the future, if you want to make suggestions about board features, please contact a moderator for help instead of making a thread on the board. even if it's a suggestion we like, the thread is likely to get closed because it's really not appropriate.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.