Wow!!! Sophie is already on....

  1. I doubt it will be permanent, I think it will be like the Mizi. I can't wait to get mine! : )
  2. Michelle... Are you already on the wait list? Do you know if it's coming to SF before Valentine's?
  3. It is darling as a clutch...ohhh...I hope that they come to North America...are they not going to be 425 USD.....??????
  4. haha fast, they probably got it Friday when it was released here. The SA's I talked to all said it's limited. ^It was $400 here, so I don't know if it'll be the same since prices here are cheaper.
  5. Michelle, do you think it's limited??? Now I better get my act together then..
  6. Aki.... Is it already SOLD OUT in Hawaii?!? :shrugs:

  7. I *think* so. I need to go to Valley Fair anyway today so, I guess I could ask. From the style of the bag it looks like it will be limited. Unless they sell super well that it becomes permanent like MC, but I doubt it.
  8. I'm guessing it is because every store had REALLY long waitlists by last Monday. Ala Moana wouldn't even take names anymore unless you pay the $400, but not even guaranteed of getting one and you only can get store credit same with Waikiki. I called Hilton and they said it wasn't too long, that's where I got mine and I think the rest they had were on hold for people. I was also on the waitlist on the LVs on Maui, but they never called me so :shrugs:

  9. Bah..I guess I have to call my SA..I wished it's not that cute..
  10. Nita... been meaning to ask... is that your new kitty??
  11. I have been calling my SA for the last week about this and when she finally called me back, she told me she left the company. :sad:
  12. 866# told me it'll be $420 here!!!

  13. Oh no Michelle...sorry to hear that..that sucks! I am sure you will get another good SA.

  14. No...not new they are 10 and 11 years old them since kitten.