WOW someones making a profit!

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  1. wow. and look at how many heart coin purses there are on eBay!! there are at least 20 of them right now!! it's crazy. reminds me of when the MOCA items came out, lol
  2. it's only profit if someone buys it... so lets hope no one buys it for those outrageous prices!
  3. Thats insane especially since there is still chance of getting one in a store.
  4. ^yeah but i guess its for the mainland US people who are can't wait till Feb 1st
  5. that's so unfair. I was actually thinking of buying one on eBay but I was like no way, My SA will reserve them for me, there's nothing like the boutique experience, plus she promised to show me some new goodies and I like all the wrapping stuff. So yeah I just wait. I don't think people will buy them unless they are cheaper than the actual price.
  6. I want one but there is no way I would pay that much for one.
  7. That's kind of unfair to those who really wants to own these for their own personal use. I can understand about making money, but that's just taking advantage.
  8. soo greedy && unfair :cursing: I totally understand if it's sold out and maybe 7-8 months down the road, but as soon as they are released? The mark up is ridiculous. i can even maybe understand $100 over but $800 BIN? pppssshhhhhh yeah right.. good luck buddy! :hrmm: lolz
  9. Yup, then the market gets flooded with people just selling to make a profit. Prices will settle eventually when they see no one is buying them for those crazy prices.
    This is what kind of makes me mad...I know there are a lot of people who want them just to have for their collections and then all these people swoop in and buy them simply to resell. It makes it bad for the happens with most all "hot" new things.:nogood:
  10. $800 are the serious?!:cursing:
  11. I hate this. Its just wrong.
  12. Scumbags. I know it's pure capitalism and everything, but no one ever accused capitalists of being honorable or ethical.
  13. ^^^ There is nothing unethical about asking a high price when selling something. It may not be smart if you price it too high because it won't sell, but it is not unethical or dishonorable. Have you ever sold anything? Don't you ask for the highest price you think you can get?

    BTW, I :heart: capitalism!